Students enrolled in Adult classes have the opportunity to participate in Pit Fire, Luster workshops and more. These workshops are ONLY available to persons enrolled in Terra Linda ceramic classes.

Pit Fire

Pit firings take place on the beach in the spring and fall. Detail on procedures, materials needed and demonstrations are provided before and during the worskhops.

With the intense drought we experienced until recently, pit fires were not scheduled for environmental safety reasons. I am hopeful to schedule pit fires soon again now that the rains have arrived.

Time/Day/Location for 2022 are announced in class and studio calendar.

Luster & Decals

Luster and decal firings take place at the studio once a month on Saturday Time/Day for 2022 are announced in class and studio calendar.

Plaster Molds

Plaster molds can be handy for a variety of reasons. This new series of plaster mold making is now offered. Time/Day for Winter of 2022 are announced class and studio calendar.


2022 – 2 part sculpture workshops, dates TBA.