Studio Labs

Studio LAB 

LAB is offered only to students who are enrolled in one of the current Ceramic classes. There is no instruction or tech support during Lab, you must be able to work independently.

For LAB access first purchase a Lab pass through the City of San Rafael. 

Wearing a mask indoors is not required but strongly encouraged, hand sanitizing is still required.
Please note that this might change at any time.

Lab Passes

Upon your class registration (except for the Fundamentals class) you can  purchase a LAB pass with the city of San Rafael. Once I receive your purchase notice I will email you a link to reserve and schedule your lab time

Labs run on Thursday, Friday from 1:00pm-4:00pm, and Saturday from 12:00pm -3:00pm, unless otherwise notified. 

Reserve your Lab time by 11am latest on the day your plan to attend Lab.
Lab will not run with less than 3 sign ups, therefore, check out the Studio google calendar at the end of this page  for daily updates.

Bring your own tools, brushes, mixing tray, sponges and apron.  The use of large equipment such as the compressor is not permitted during LAb. To use the extruder during LAB you must have consult with Nadia first.

Until further notice, wearing a mask at all times inside the studio is not required, hand sanitizing is still required. Please note that this might change at any time.

To purchase a Lab pass click HERE

6-hour lab pass for $18.00
8- hour lab pass for  $24.00
12-hour lab pass for   $36.00
20-hour lab pass for  $60.00

(NOTE: When purchasing a  Lab pass online, it may indicate a specific attendance time/day, but you are not bound to that time you can choose any available LAB time. The system set up by the City makes it possible to only purchase one type of pass, you will not be able to buy two 6 hour passes for example in one session. Depending on demand, Lab times may be added to the existing schedule)

Lab Calendar

See calendar below for  LAB hours